Toilets & Basins

Function and form – practical and pleasing toilets and basins

Your new bathroom deserves hygienic, easy-to-clean toilets and basins to keep your family in good health. Our range is comfortable, functional and perhaps most importantly, adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise unattractive piece of essential furniture. Your bathroom doesn’t need to put up with a poor toilet, and neither do you!
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Picking the right toilet for your bathroom

We’ve chosen some great products for our toilet range, from the plain and practical to the chic, elegant and futuristic. Your toilet shouldn’t let down the rest of your bathroom décor, so from concealed cisterns to special toilet seats, we make sure you have a big variety to choose from. We even have a selection of bidets!
Toilet and sink
Toothbrush holders and accessories

Complete your bathroom with toilet and basin accessories

Once you’ve picked the perfect toilet and an attractive sink, you’ll want to finish the whole thing off with the right accessories. Choose your toilet flush handle, the tap arrangement on your sink and bath, and space-saving wall-mounted toilet roll holders. As well as making sure it all looks the part, it needs to be practical for day-to-day use.

Look your best with our vanity units

No bathroom sink is complete without a mirror and various accessories. We have a huge choice of bathroom mirrors, from wall-mounted to cabinet mirrors that double up as handy storage space. Finish it all off with the perfect toothbrush holder, soap dish and towel rack. Remember, with the amount of choice available in our showroom, every element of your bathroom can match perfectly if you so desire.
A vanity unit with mirrored cupboards
A sink

Chosen from big names in the industry

We choose our manufacturers very carefully, knowing that the quality of their products reflects directly on us. It saves you a lot of hassle, of course – instead of looking up reviews of hundreds of products, you can let us do the legwork for you, and reap the rewards of our expertise and industry experience.
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